Thursday, May 3, 2012


An all-new range of collecting…

Fiesta in light green

When I first arrived in America 35 years ago I already was an avid collector. I always had a passion for dishes and was already collecting Limoge, Sevres and some 60’s Villeroy & Bosch, when suddenly I was faced with an explosion of colors and patterns with names like Fiesta, Harlequin and Riviera.

This display cabinet full of Fiestaware look like my cupboard

Fiesta in Orange

At the time the 26th St. flea market was a good source, so were the thrift store. But when researching a specific piece I will go to Mood Indigo in Soho. After 25 years there, 5 years ago they relocated at the Showplace Antique and Design Center.



Russel Wright

Eva Zeisel

There you will be able to complete or start your collection with pieces of Fiestaware, Russel Wright and Eva Zeisel. If you feel like a “Mad Men” character you will have a huge choice of bar accessories as well as objects from famous NY nightspots as the Stork Club.

One of my favorite things in the store is the extensive grouping of the Lady Head Vases and the novelty Salt and Peppershakers. 

You will also find an extensive collection of New York World Fair memorabilia’s...    

And deco Bakelite Jewelry.

I highly recommend a visit and when there, tell them you did find the store on NicNatChat.

A bientĂ´t,

Pierre Candra
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