Monday, September 24, 2012

Casual Monday Look

Hey NicNatDirect family. I'm giving the ladies a casual Monday look today. A simple pair of blue jeans, white tank and blazer is an easy way to put together when you are on the go. Everyone should know that accessories are important. A splash of color always helps the mood as well as the look. The earrings and necklace will complete your nail color to give you that extra head turn as you walk to get a cup of coffee. You can always try to match the accessories with your outerwear but coming close to the color is also a great touch. Now ladies, the footwear as we know is important. Yes, footwear and your handbag has to make sense. If the boots are fall-like then the handbag should be as well. This ensemble above illustrates how you can put together a simple but classy look to your casual Monday. You can shop for all these items to put together this look on When you send us pictures so we can see how you pulled it off. Chat with you soon!!!


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