Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Josie Natori for Target

Three new designer collaborations did hit Target this past weekend

Hats by CFDA award winner Albertus Swanepoel,jewelry by Dana Kellin and most specially lingerie and loungewear by well know designer Josie Natori.

If you bought this amazing sexy dress from Giambattista Valli last week at Macy’s you need to treat yourself to one of Natori hot number.
Priced from 9.99$ to 24.99$ for the lingerie and 24.99$ to 34.99$ for the loungewear,you should not resist.

Using an Asian aesthetic, Natori was able to build a distinct brand, melding the visual appeals of both the East and the West.  

What began with creating lingerie on her living room floor truly has evolved into a lifestyle. “Natori is a total concept, a way of life,” says Natori. “I just happened to start at the back door with lingerie. Now as the company grows, we grow our sensibility too, taking our concept and making it a whole world. As we say here, Natori is "where life meets art"

 "To me, indulgence is a necessity" 
   Josie Cruz Natori

A bientôt,

Pierre Candra
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