Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Andreas Mahl

Years ago I meet a young german photographer in Paris.We did several projects together,one of them being this portrait of me who was part of his recolored photo period.Now many years later the Maison Europeenne de la Photographie in Paris is having a very special exhibition of his greetings cards.
I was there for the opening night.

This exhibition features a number of never-before-seen images created by Andreas Mahl to mark each new year. In the form of greetings cards sent to his family and friends, they have developed over the years into a collection of artworks that are by turns amazingly inventive, witty and moving. Based on Polaroid self-portraits placed in different situations, the greetings cards are themselves Polaroid reproductions of the finished montage to which Andreas Mahl gives his ultimate finishing touches. The artist shuffles, cuts and deals the cards he has created, always keeping the upper hand in a playful, unpredictable game. 

All photos © Andreas Mahl

20 December 2011 - 8 January 2012 

Andreas Malh and me on opening night

A bientôt,

Pierre Candra
for NicNat Chat!

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