Monday, December 12, 2011

Carnival of the Animals,the Bergdorff Goodman Xmas windows.

Every years, I wait very impatiently for the new Fifth Avenue Christmas window from Bergdorff Goodman. It’s always a feast for the eyes and if this year did disappointed me a little ( too monochromatic ) I still enjoyed them.
David Hoey and the visual team have been planning and collecting antiques for the last two years.
Each window features a specific material that depicts animals you’ll find from icebergs to the tropics—but rarely on Fifth Avenue.

The ‘brass menagerie’ is full of tropical metal birds made in the 1970’s by artist Sergio Bustamante. Naeem Khan designed a dress specifically for the stylish songstress cooing in the window. 

The ‘North Pole Garden Party’ has upholstered animals, a very sweet polar bear, and a monkey about to pop open the champagne.

Dive into the deep end with the Aquarium window, with fish made by artist Brett Windham that are encrusted with mosaic tile, and rhinestones, gems, and sequins for good measure.

The paper window is my favorite — over 300 different papers used in black, gray, and white, to make zebras, Dalmatians, and other monochrome animals.The mannequin dressed in a black and white lace Marchesa gown  presides over the paper bestiary.

I guess Pinocchio will feel very at home in the final window, “Artists and  Models” The  sculptor’s studio with all antique wooden artists’ models ready to come alive.

If visiting New York don’t miss the 57 & 58 Streets windows.

I liked one of them so much that I used the photo of it for my Holiday card.
For all of you...

All photos by Pierre Candra

A bientôt,

Pierre Candra
for NicNat Chat!

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  1. As I was scrolling down through the photos, I said to myself, I bet he will comment that the paper window is his favorite. And I was right :-) Amazing detail, too.