Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2012 Easter Parade and Easter Bonnet Festival in New York City

In 1933, American songwriter Irving Berlin wrote the music for a revue on Broadway,It included his song "Easter Parade". The song became a standard, and fifteen years later was the basis for the film Easter Parade,a  movie I discoverd growing up in Paris.I will always remember Judy Garland strolling 5th Avenue in her best Easter outfit, and wanted one day to do the same.

Hat Master Stephen Jones.

The New York City Easter Parade has been an annual tradition since Civil War days and features marchers in elaborate Easter finery, including some of the fanciest Easter bonnets imaginable.Home mades,stores bought,retro styles,men and women wore all type of bonnets.
From little kids to draqueens,all of New York was strolling 5th Avenue

The Easter parade is an American cultural event consisting of a festive strolling procession on Easter Sunday. Typically, it is a somewhat informal and unorganized event, with or without religious significance. Persons participating in an Easter parade traditionally dress in new and fashionable clothing, particularly ladies' hats, and strive to impress others with their finery. The Easter parade is most closely associated with Fifth Avenue in New York City, but Easter parades are held in many other cities. Starting as a spontaneous event in the 1870s, the New York parade became increasingly popular into the mid-20th century.

An old Irish adage stated "For Christmas, food and drink; for Easter, new clothes," and a 15th-century proverb from Poor Robin's Almanack states that if on Easter Sunday some part of one's outfit is not new, one will not enjoy good luck during the year.

The bests dressed award go to this two ladies,they knew how to work it.

And for the lucky one who are in NYC, you have until April 15 to go see the wonderful exhibit : « Hats : An Anthology by Stephen Jones «  at the Brad Graduate Center.One of the bests costume exhibit ever.

A bientôt,

Pierre Candra
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