Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Comme des Garcons “White drama”

Given carte blanche to exhibit her 33 looks in a rectangular, industrial space, Kawakubo chose to encase her dresses — styled exactly like the runway — in clear plastic bubbles.

The Kawakubo exhibition is a static presentation of the entire Comme des Garcons Spring 2012 show, called White Drama.  The Musee Galliera’s director Olivier Saillard says: “[It] is probably a world first to exhibit a whole collection that is so recent, not a retrospective”.
The show is all about life’s big events : birth, marriage, death and transcendence with ceremonial style gowns in theatrical satins and ritual grandeur and the display at Les Docks will allow visitors to see these recent creations up close and at their own pace rather than in the helter skelter timeframe of a runway.  Kawakubo’s architectural mode is fully expressed in the silky cocoons and white layers of lace budding flowers and more. »

White Drama is whiteness - pure, ceremonial white of every hue; Blossoming flowers, layered handkerchiefs, white-flecked material, lace insets inspired by christening robes, an obi-bow belt, overcoats and tall hats reminiscent of the Holy Week processions in Seville, a wedding gown like the silky cocoon of an insect, opaque and sheer fabrics. White Drama is a masterful fashion architecture that transports the viewer to the unique world of Rei Kawakubo.

The Docks - Cité de la Mode et du Design
34 quai d’Austerlitz, 75013 Paris
Both exhibitions are open from April 13 to October 7 2012 

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