Saturday, April 27, 2013

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Brighten your Day!

The weather is changing, our moods are changing it's time for our wadrobe to change as well. In the Fall and Winter months people usually wear earth tone and dark colors which causes everyone to look and feel gloomy. Well, let's Spring to Summer and brighten up our lives with bright fashionable colors. Don't be afraid to wear bright orange and bright greens. Be bold and beautiful and make someone smile today showing off some color.
Feel that Spring feeling of flowers blooming creating your own fashion blossom. When shopping for your bright Spring collection go to for all your shopping needs.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Simply Sandal


Footwear can be a hard accessory to find but when you find the right one it's exciting. Many women feel they need a heel 4 inches and higher to create a sexy footwear look, but as we can see in the picture above that is not true. There are many sandals that are simply classy and sexy. It's true you can be comfortable and sexy at the same time ladies. These gold sandals above can be worn in silver and gives a sexy edge to your toes with a slight wedge for that curve in your feet. You can buy these sandals on


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Make them Glitter

Ladies sometimes it's OK to stand out on the most subtle things. These nails above may seem a bit too shinny and too bold but if you work this style well you will definitely turn heads. When having your nails glitter like this I don't suggest for you to wear a sequence dress or diamond studded costume jewelry. Keep it subtle ladies. Wear a simple all black outfit with less accessories and a simple handbag and heels. No need for extra diamonds to bling your friends eyes out. With nails like these you can hold your wine glass or tuck your hair behind your ear and stop traffic in the most subtle way. Rock out the glitter and diamonds ladies but be simple with the look. You can buy this silver nail polish with diamond studs on


Thursday, December 13, 2012



Sometimes its really doesn't matter what you have on as long as the accessories coordinate you will always look hot. You can put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, as simple as that sounds rocking it out with a scarf, hat, and the appropriate footwear you can turn that outfit into the hottest look of the week. Coordination is key in fashion but it doesn't have to be in the clothes it can be in the accessories. One classic look that's always an attention getter is making sure the footwear matches the purse or hand bag. You can never go wrong with that classic look. You can get any of these items on


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lay the Grey

If you think wearing bright colors will get you some attention you are thinking wrong. Blacks, whites and greys can always get you attention in a classy sexy way. Something sleek and simple can turn heads with a little effort from some heels and some extra bling. Don't go crazy buying real diamonds if you can't afford it. There are many different costume jewelry that will make you look like you are about to hit the red carpet. Rock out this look to dinner, a party or even the movies and I'm sure you will be the talk of the town. You can buy any of these items via


Friday, November 16, 2012

The comfy New York way

Our New Yorkers have their own relaxed style that is comfortable and trendy all in one. Blue jeans will always be in style no matter what year we are in. We all know about the Uggs!!!! Rock your Uggs with jeans and you are ready to roll!!!! White tank tops or t-shirts is a simple and comfortable style but you always look clean with a added bonus of matching with anything. Sweatshirts is such a comfortable feeling to wear but one with a funky logo is always an eye catcher. Throw a scarf here and there for flare and color and your outfit is relaxed and trendy the New York Way. Rock out New York style and log on to to purchase any of these items!