Saturday, April 27, 2013

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Brighten your Day!

The weather is changing, our moods are changing it's time for our wadrobe to change as well. In the Fall and Winter months people usually wear earth tone and dark colors which causes everyone to look and feel gloomy. Well, let's Spring to Summer and brighten up our lives with bright fashionable colors. Don't be afraid to wear bright orange and bright greens. Be bold and beautiful and make someone smile today showing off some color.
Feel that Spring feeling of flowers blooming creating your own fashion blossom. When shopping for your bright Spring collection go to for all your shopping needs.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Simply Sandal


Footwear can be a hard accessory to find but when you find the right one it's exciting. Many women feel they need a heel 4 inches and higher to create a sexy footwear look, but as we can see in the picture above that is not true. There are many sandals that are simply classy and sexy. It's true you can be comfortable and sexy at the same time ladies. These gold sandals above can be worn in silver and gives a sexy edge to your toes with a slight wedge for that curve in your feet. You can buy these sandals on