Sunday, September 30, 2012

Get Ready for the Work Week with Style

It's Sunday and it's time to prepare for the work week. Heels, flats, skirt, pants, blouse, jacket or just a sweat suit can be on the list. Above is a snap shot of what can look great to work with a splash of style. Peep toe pumps are always sexy when your feet is polished nicely. A fitted skirt to match the purse and pumps will create a work look that is professional and sleek. A blouse with a stand out color will give you style and of course matching accessories. It's OK to make your co-workers jealous and neighbors' head turn, you are still a professional with style. Rock out!


Friday, September 28, 2012

Traditional Weddings are the past

Ooohhh Lala!! Look at this wedding gown. Isn't it beautiful. As we can tell by many wedding gowns of today, the traditional wedding gowns are in the past. Wedding gowns now illustrate the bride's personality, culture, style and fashion sense. Of course the traditional wedding gowns are still very beautiful but why not put your own style to it. Remember this is your day ladies, make it a day no one will forget. You can purchase your wedding gowns via and send us your pictures in your gown. The NND family will love to see it.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Diamond Style

What is your style of Diamond? Which style of ring do you have or which one would you want? You can shop for any of these via


Simple Color

Hello NicNatDirect Family! Today I am illustrating how a simple added color can change an entire look. Check out the ensemble above. The green dress with a green handbag is a fashionable style especially if you add a splash of green eyeshadow. Adding the white jacket and boots with the accessories to match gives the entire outfit that kicker which can be sexy and classy. The simple white color may have been boring by itself but hen added to the green it stands out as simple but sexy. You can wear this outfit in a business meeting, dinner or an after work drink. This look can be worn different ways and don't forget your accessories ladies. You can buy this entire outfit via Chat with you soon!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NicNatDirect Social Networking

Just in case you were not aware. NicNatDirect is on your favorite Social Networking Sites. Follow us on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We are making sure you stay connected at all times.

Pay Less and still look hot

You do not need to spend a lot of money to look great. These sexy boots are from Payless Shoesource at a great price and they are very sexy. You can wear these boots with jeans, or a skirt and will make a fashion statement without putting a dent in your pocket. Buy these items via and let us know how they look on you.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Casual Monday Look

Hey NicNatDirect family. I'm giving the ladies a casual Monday look today. A simple pair of blue jeans, white tank and blazer is an easy way to put together when you are on the go. Everyone should know that accessories are important. A splash of color always helps the mood as well as the look. The earrings and necklace will complete your nail color to give you that extra head turn as you walk to get a cup of coffee. You can always try to match the accessories with your outerwear but coming close to the color is also a great touch. Now ladies, the footwear as we know is important. Yes, footwear and your handbag has to make sense. If the boots are fall-like then the handbag should be as well. This ensemble above illustrates how you can put together a simple but classy look to your casual Monday. You can shop for all these items to put together this look on When you send us pictures so we can see how you pulled it off. Chat with you soon!!!


Nails for Fall

Ladies, just because the summer is officially over it doesn't mean that we let ourselves fall into fall. Shop for your favorite nailpolish colors on and let's keep the feeling of summer going. Use different colors, go bright, go dark, go neutral and keep your nails looking fashionable. When our nails are looking good, for some reason we feel good. So make it a feel good fall and get the colors to match your personality.